Onboarding: How to Create Your Community with Gradnet

Your Journey Gradnet begins when you make an entity on the platform. Whether you’re running an alumni network or a community group, Gradnet is there to help. It lets you stay connected with alumni, plan events, gather funds, and support mentorship programs. Let’s go through the steps of getting started with your entity on Gradnet one by one.

Understanding Entities in Gradnet #

Entities in Gradnet are like personalized spaces for your alumni group or community organization. Imagine them as virtual rooms where you can organize everything related to your group within the Gradnet platform.

For instance, if you’re part of the IUT Alumni Association or the CSE Alumni Association, each of these groups would have its own entity within Gradnet. It’s a way to keep things organized and separate so each group can manage its activities independently.

Entities help you centralize all your group’s information, such as member profiles, event details, fundraising efforts, and more. This makes it easier to stay connected with your community and manage everything from one place.

Getting Started with Your Entity #

So, you’re ready to dive into managing your alumni group or community organization with Gradnet? Fantastic! Let’s make sure you’re all set up to create an entity on Gradnet.

First things first, let’s check if your group qualifies to become an entity:

  1. Do you have a website domain for using the Gradnet software? Having a domain name helps personalize your entity and makes it easier for members to find you online.
  2. Have you set up a payment-receiving account for online transactions? This step is important for managing any financial activities, like fundraising or membership fees, through Gradnet. So, what type of account you need to have?
    • For transactions within Bangladesh, you must have an SSLCOMMERZ store registered under your community’s name. If you’re dealing with international transactions, you’ll need a Stripe account. However, having either one of these options will suffice.

If you have both, simply fill out a basic form to set up your entity.

What happens after you fill up the form? #

  1. Entity Setup: We’ll promptly establish your entity utilizing the provided details.
  2. Domain Configuration: Our skilled tech team assists in setting up your domain, ensuring smooth navigation.
  3. Content Addition: With our guidance, you can effortlessly add content to your entity, tailoring it to your group’s needs.
  4. Payment System Integration: We seamlessly integrate a payment system to facilitate transactions within your entity.
  5. Website Launch: Finally, your group’s website is primed for launch, ready to connect with your community!

Post-Entity Creation Dynamics #

Once your community’s entity is established and the website is live, you gain access to the full spectrum of benefits offered by Gradnet Alumni Management Software. Members can register and engage with the community, while admins wield tools for event management, fundraising, community maintenance, and more.

In essence, by leveraging Gradnet’s robust platform, you unlock the potential for streamlined organization management, fostering vibrant and dynamic alumni communities.

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