How to Create and Manage Alumni Elections in Gradnet

Organizing elections is a fundamental activity in every community. Whether it’s for student council, alumni association boards, or any other voting event, Gradnet ensures a smooth and efficient experience.

This comprehensive guide will lead you through each step of creating and managing elections on the Gradnet platform.

Creating an Election: #

Accessing Gradnet: #

  1. Begin by navigating to the Gradnet website through your preferred web browser.
  2. Log in to your account by entering your username and password into the designated fields.

Initiating Election Creation: #

  1. Upon successful login, you’ll land on the Gradnet dashboard. Navigate to the Elections section, typically located in the main menu or sidebar.
  2. Within the Elections section, locate and click on the prominently displayed “Create Election” button to commence setting up your election.

Entering General Information: #

  1. You’ll be prompted to provide General details about the election. This includes:
    • Title: Choose a clear and descriptive title for your election.
    • Venue: Specify the location where the election will take place, if applicable.
    • Time and Date: Set the date and time for the election proceedings. Also, add the timezone.
    • Description: Provide a concise yet informative description outlining the purpose and significance of the election. This information helps participants understand the context and importance of their involvement.

Adding Candidates: #

  1. Click on “Add Position” to add the positions for which the election will be held.
  2. Then, from “Add Candidates,” search for the candidates and add them.
  3. Gradnet offers flexibility in adding and removing multiple positions and candidates as needed.

Saving or Publishing: #

  1. After entering all relevant information, click “Save as a draft” if you wish to store the election as a draft, allowing for future edits and adjustments. Alternatively, select “Make Live” to activate the election, making it accessible to participants for interaction and engagement.

Managing an Election #

Managing Election: #

  1. View the details of your election.
  2. Edit the election if needed.
  3. Delete the election from delete election.
  4. View results will show the election results.
  5. End this election provides you with

Manage Voter #

Adding voters: #

  1. Add your voters individually or by group.
  2. Export your voter list from export voters.

Managing Voters #

  1. After adding a voter, you can view their profile.
  2. From delete voter, you can delete any voter.

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