Raise More Donations With Less Effort

Managing a fundraiser can be daunting, Gradnet makes it simple and straightforward

As a fundraiser, I need to

Manage donor database effortlessly.

Imagine having a powerful online tool that automatically updates your alumni donor database with the latest information from each donor every time they make a donation. This means no more manual data entry! And since Gradnet is web-based, it works on any computer – even smartphones or tablets!

Run fundraising campaigns with ease (1)

Gradnet makes it easy for you to launch a successful fundraising campaign for your alumni association. We provide all the tools and resources you need, so you can focus on raising money and making a difference.

Easily track and measure progress

Gradnet makes it easy to track and measure alumni engagement. We provide detailed reports and analytics so you can see exactly how your association is doing. Using our tools, you can fine-tune your strategy until you get the results you want.

Receive donations online

You’re tired of having to call alumni and ask them for donations. It’s time-consuming, and you never know whether they’ll donate. With Gradnet, you can easily set up an online donation page that will help raise funds quickly and efficiently. Your donors will be able to make secure payments without ever leaving your website!

Reconnect with donors in future

Imagine having the ability to identify your most generous alumni members in real-time. With Gradnet’s, you can easily recognize your top donors and create customized awards for them. Personalized recognition will help make donations more personal and meaningful.

Let’s say your alumni center needs to do a quick fundraiser. What would be the best way to get donations in a short period? Yes, by asking for donations from major donors.

With Gradnet, reconnecting with top donors is easy as ABC. We provide all the information you need to reach out to them and ask for their support.

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Features that Increase Your Fundraising Potential

Streamline Your Fundraising Process

optimize data flow

Optimize Internal Data Flow

Consider simplifying the fundraising process by eliminating any extra tools and processes that your internal data goes through. For example, if you have an online donation platform but also use another system to manage events for donations, it will be difficult when trying to track down certain information like how many people donated or what their profile looks like because there are now two different platforms storing this vital info.

Gradnet helps you streamline the donation process by accumulating all the data in one place.

Improve User Experience

Improve the donor’s experience. Avoid the risk of falling for a fundraising mistake and not putting your donors at top priority.

With Gradnet you can improve your donors experience by making it easier for them to give. You’ll know exactly what they like and dislike, so you can make changes in real time based on their feedback. This means less time spent worrying about donor retention and more time focusing on your mission!

optimize UX

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