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Easily manage your alumni & community members, simplify fundraising, organize events, collect membership fees, host online voting, foster mentoring & many more.

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Sylhet International University
Engage Alumni from Around the World

Connect with Alumni, Worldwide

Alumni are the greatest assets of any educational institution. Keeping in touch with them can mean the difference between success and failure for your future, so it is important to maintain communication channels!

With Gradnet and its advanced alumni database, communication among alumni is easier than ever.

Create a Culture of Giving

Grateful alumni are always ready to give back. Are you ready to accept? Make it easy to donate with gradnet and create a culture of giving using the advanced recognition platform.

Universities and colleges in the US get more than $11 billion annually from alumni donations. It’s your time to receive token love from your alumni.

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Provide the Best Alumni Experience

Provide the Best Alumni Experience

An ideal alumni center or organization aims to help its members develop lasting connections and continue their personal and professional growth.

Gradnet allows you to host events, manage elections, and focus on engaging your alums by providing resources to help you achieve your personal goals. Therefore, ultimately help you provide them with the best possible experience.

One Alumni Solution to Meet Everyone’s Needs


Let institutions build community and boost fundraising.

With Gradnet, any educational institution can develop a community of global connections, lend to teaching or mentorship opportunities, arrange alumni elections and much more. This platform is the perfect way to keep your alumni engaged and connected with the institute.

Boosting fundraising has never been easier – with Gradnet, you can tap into a whole new network of potential donors.


Help organizers reduce the stress of running an alumni association.

Gradnet is the perfect solution to make organizers’ life easier. Our platform makes it easy to run an alumni directory, a directory of businesses, and a job portal. You can also create and manage events, fundraising campaigns, and membership fees. Plus, our platform is easy to use and manage – so an organizer will never have to stress about it again!

Alumni module

Let alumni connect, engage, and grow together.

Connect with fellow alumni and current students who can help you navigate your way through gradnet. With unique experiences and access to dynamic business leaders, you can upskill and prepare for your future growth.
Stay connected with your fellow alums and leverage the resources to help you achieve your personal goals. With gradnet, you can discover new ways to stay engaged and make an impact in your industry.


Let the students learn and follow in the footsteps of the elders.

Gradnet is the perfect platform for students and recent graduates to get mentored by experienced professionals in their field. With Gradnet, you can get access to exclusive job postings, so you can be the first to apply. Plus, Alumni can guide you through every step of your career journey, so you can land your dream job and start making a difference in the world.

Gradnet Saves You Millions

Gradnet replaces tens of softwares required to manage an alumni association or any community. A report says, on average, a university or college has around 50K living alumni. If such a college chooses Gradnet, they will save…

  1. Save about $45000/year on events.
  2. Save $7200 on fundraising software.
  3. Save $400 on online voting for each election.
  4. Save $120,000/year on mentoring software.
  5. Save $960000/year on internal job board software.

2.2 million

The amount gradnet saves just on software each year.

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Glowing Testimonials

Anwer Hossen

This is the first time we have been able to rise a fund easily and seamlessly with Graduate Network Fundraising Solution. All fund have been donated to the families of our deceased batch mates. Bangladesh Police Oct'06 Batch Welfare Association is grateful for this impeccable cooperation. Specially thanks to you and also your team.

Anwer Hossen President@Oct'06 Batch Welfare Association Bangladesh Police
Dr. Nazmul Arefin Momel

When we were looking for a solution for our Membership portal, we found Gradnet. After going through their platform, we were impressed with the UI, UX and overall features. I believe it has the potential to
bring all the graduates from one institution under a common and effective communication platform. In the future, it may also help connect graduates from different institutions. Big thumbs up to the developers.

Dr. Nazmul Arefin Momel President@Islamic University of Technology Alumni Association
Mohi Uddin

It’s not only a website, rather I can say a package for the alumni associations. It acts like a web app by which all alumni associations can do many more activities easily, efficiently and smoothly on a digital platform. Their main features are members directory with full functional search option, blood donors search and seeking/offering jobs, event ticketing and fundraising having full customized form creation and online payment opportunity. I hope the Graduate Network will expand more & more.

Mohi Uddin Asst. Treasurer@Department of CEP, SUST Alumni Association

Frequently Asked Questions

An alumni management software is a software solution that helps alumni associations to keep track of alumni data, cultivate alumni relationships and enable alumni networking. It is a tool that allows alumni organizations to manage their alumni data in one centralized database. Alumni management software solutions vary in features and functionality, but they typically include alumni directory and profile management, event management, communication tools and volunteer management.

Gradnet is an alumni management software solution that also offers fundraising capabilities, online voting, mentoring and many more. Alumni management software helps organizations stay connected with their alumni base and foster engagement through various alumni-focused features and functions.

Gradnet is a tool used by organizations to keep track of their alumni. This can include information such as contact information, donations, and event participation. It can be used by organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large universities. There are many benefits to using advanced alumni management software like Gradnet. For example, it can help you stay organized and keep track of your alumni base. Additionally, it can help you cultivate relationships with your alumni and improve communication. Gradnet can also help you raise money for your organization and track donor engagement. If you want to better manage your alumni relations, you can consider using Gradnet.

No, you dont need to have any technical skills to use Gradnet. It’s one of the easiest alumni solutions in the market. We tried to keep familiar designs so that even baby boomers could use the software effortlessly.

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