Why Graduate Network?


Want to stay connected to your alma mater? With Gradnet, you can stay connected with your alumni and help them stay connected with each other.


Having a hard time engaging your alumni? Gradnet helps you maintain and nurture relationships with alumni to build a robust professional network.


Gradnet helps establish a culture of giving back and collaboration, resulting in effective community engagement that helps everyone thrive together.

Effortlessly Connect with Your Alumni

Advanced Alumni Directory

Advanced Alumni Directory

With our advanced alumni directory, you can easily find and connect with your fellow alumni. You can quickly search by name, school or graduation year. Plus, our up-to-date directory includes contact information for each member so you can easily stay in touch. Whether you’re looking for a job, networking opportunities, or just wanting to catch up with old friends – Gradnet has you covered.

Online alumni Membership mamagement

Effortless Membership Management

Gradnet makes it easy for alumni associations to manage their memberships and collect fees online. Our simple-to-use interface allows you to easily create lifetime memberships or any other suitable membership plans. Plus, we offer a wide range of features that make managing your alumni association easier than ever before.

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Branded alumni centre Website

Branded Website for Alumni Association

Having an alumni association website is a must to allow alumni to find alumni events and benefits and raise funds for different occasions. Gradnet comes with a free alumni website feature that ensures your community’s online presence.

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Individual Profile for each alumni

Individual Profile for Alumni

With Gradnet, your alums can create complete profiles exclusive to community members. It allows your alums to represent themselves in an organized manner and helps other alums to find suitable people to collaborate with and grow together.

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Alumni Committee management

Alumni Association Committee

Not knowing who is on the committee can make it difficult to get things done and feel connected to your alumni community. Gradnet is a powerful tool that makes it easy for you to find out who is on your alumni association’s committee.

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Engage Your Alumni with Purpose

Alumni Event Management solution

Alumni Event Management

Alumni events are a great way to reconnect with old friends and build community while keeping in touch with the institute, but arranging these events is not easy.

Gradnet comes with an easy-to-use event management tool. It lets you create your event, set ticket prices, track who is coming, and share the event on social media. This makes it easy to promote your event and sell tickets online. You can also keep track of your expenses and revenue, so you can see how successful your event was.

Online Voting for Alumni Associations

In recent years, online voting has become an increasingly popular option for elections of all kinds. Mainly because it increases participation, reduces costs and is safe.

Gradnet offers all the essential features to help organizations conduct online elections with increased security, convenience, and speed.

Online Voting
Get Online Payment for Alumni association

Online Payment

An ideal alumni center or organization makes things easy for its members. Making it easy to pay online is the first step in getting things right for associations.

Gradnet has an advanced but easy-to-use online payment solution to make organizers’ lives easier.

Advanced Analytics

When it comes to improving the alumni experience, there is no alternative but to make informed decisions. Grandet’s advanced analytics tools can help you determine which events or programs boost engagement and which benefits they should offer their alumni. Who are the top donor and are most engaged with the university?

Most importantly, gradnet’s analytics can help universities better understand the needs and preferences of their alumni population. This information can be used to create new programs and services that appeal to alumni.

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Advanced Analytics


Gradnet provides an easy-to-use interface for managing and communicating with alumni. Its Newsfeed feature allows schools to post updates, news and events to which alumni can subscribe. This helps keep alumni engaged and informed about what’s going on at their alma mater.

Additionally, Gradnet’s newsfeed allows alumni to interact with one another, ultimately increasing engagement with the institution.

Success Stories

Gradnet provides an easy way for alumni to share their success stories and engage with other alumni. This can help increase alumni engagement and promote graduate success. It provides a space for people to connect with each other and exchange ideas and opportunities.

Additionally, Gradnet’s success story-sharing feature can help inspire current students and future graduates.

Success Stories

Collaborate and Thrive Together


Fundraising Solution

Grateful alumni are always ready to give back. But it’s not easy to run effective fundraising campaigns.

Gradnet makes it easy for alumni associations to manage donor data and cultivate relationships with donors. The included fundraising solution allows alumni associations to solicit donations from their donors. That’s not all, donors can anonymously donate, and organizers can keep track of every donation inside the same solution.
All those features make fundraising easy as ABC.

exclusive jobs

Exclusive Job Board

As an alum, you have access to a powerful network of fellow alumni. When you provide jobs to current students, you’re allowing them to grow while finding the desired talent from your school.

Gradnet’s exclusive job board allows recent graduates and students to connect with alumni who are looking to hire. This provides recent graduates and students access to career opportunities they may not have otherwise had. Additionally, it allows alumni to connect with potential employees with the skills and qualifications they are looking for.

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Mentoring Excellence

Alumni have the unique ability to offer current students advice and guidance on topics ranging from academics to career choices. They also offer access to professional networks that can be beneficial for students looking to start their careers.

Gradnet helps to facilitate mentoring programs between alumni and current students. This allows students to receive support from those who have been in their shoes before and can help them navigate the challenges of their academic careers.

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CV Maker

Simple CV Maker

Students and even recent graduates often find it difficult to make professional-looking CVs.

Gradnet’s easy resume builder helps them create an ideal resume in just a few clicks. Not only that, users can download their CVs directly from the Gradnet platform and display their CVs online.

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business directory

Alumni Business Directory

An alumni business directory can help to grow each other’s business by providing a resource for businesses to connect with other businesses. This can help to create partnerships and collaborations that can benefit both businesses. Additionally, an alumni business directory can help to promote businesses and provide exposure within the community.

The business directory feature of gradnet can help businesses connect with each other and find potential customers. It can also help businesses find new employees and learn about other businesses.

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Anwer Hossen

This is the first time we have been able to rise a fund easily and seamlessly with Graduate Network Fundraising Solution. All fund have been donated to the families of our deceased batch mates. Bangladesh Police Oct'06 Batch Welfare Association is grateful for this impeccable cooperation. Specially thanks to you and also your team.

Anwer Hossen President@Oct'06 Batch Welfare Association Bangladesh Police
Dr. Nazmul Arefin Momel

When we were looking for a solution for our Membership portal, we found Gradnet. After going through their platform, we were impressed with the UI, UX and overall features. I believe it has the potential to
bring all the graduates from one institution under a common and effective communication platform. In the future, it may also help connect graduates from different institutions. Big thumbs up to the developers.

Dr. Nazmul Arefin Momel President@Islamic University of Technology Alumni Association
Mohi Uddin

It’s not only a website, rather I can say a package for the alumni associations. It acts like a web app by which all alumni associations can do many more activities easily, efficiently and smoothly on a digital platform. Their main features are members directory with full functional search option, blood donors search and seeking/offering jobs, event ticketing and fundraising having full customized form creation and online payment opportunity. I hope the Graduate Network will expand more & more.

Mohi Uddin Asst. Treasurer@Department of CEP, SUST Alumni Association

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