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Alumni are your greatest assets. Engage them effectively

Alumni are treated as the picnic party.

To date, most educational institutions treat them this way. They arrange one or two events each year – a reunion or a picnic.

But the question is, are they just the party?
Or do they have more to offer

If they are engaged effectively and reconnect with the institution, they can offer a wide range of services to the students, young alumni, and the institution. Here’s how they can contribute to the institution and the community.

Increase the success of the institution

  1. Through mentoring the current students and young alumni, the successful and key performing alumni can help them to succeed in their careers. They can directly mentor, coach, and advise them in a wide range of areas – higher study, career guidelines, research, the latest industry trend, and more.
  2. By hiring homegrown talents, the successful and key performing alumni can help the other alumni to succeed. Many alumni can allow industry visits, provide internship opportunities, and review a cv/resume.
  3. Inside recruitment covers more than 50% of total hiring in almost every industry. Sharing a job where your alumni are working, recommending a talent to the company, or sharing the insight of a scholarship available with the alumni and students can make a big difference. When someone needs help for a crisis like an accident or other health condition, or a research team
  4. When someone needs help with a crisis like an accident or other health condition, or a research team needs some funding to explore some interesting project and a general fund for needy students – all of those fundraising can be organized and managed by the alumni.
  5. Organizing events like alumni leaders summits, the latest industry trends, career festivals, research paper writing, higher study preparation, etc., can impact massively to your institution’s success in the long run.

In a nutshell, your alumni can give back to their alma maters in many ways, which will lead your institution to success. Assume each 20% of your alumni become more successful with the help of successful & key performing alumni. And if it continues after a few years, the success rate of your alumni will be 80%.

Most of all, the one who will get the help this year will be eager to help and give back in the future.

Top Contributors

Graduate Network is the vision of some influential alumni, scholars, and community leaders from different alumni associations, universities, & organizations for them and for you.

Choudhury M Mukammel Wahid

Additional Director, IQAC, Metropolitan University, Bangladesh


Ijaj Ahmed Chowdhury

Alumni, Faculty, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh


AKM Bahalul

Lecturer, North South University, Bangladesh


Md Saiful Islam

Faculty, Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh

Zafar Sadiq

Alumni, Dept. of Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University

Tanvir Murad

AGS, Bangladesh Association of New England


Dr. Md Nizam Uddin

Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, SUST, President, CHE Alumni Association


Syed Rezwanul Haque

Alumni, Notre Dame College Alumni Association,
Managing Director, Technext

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