Managing Membership of Your Community Effectively

Membership in an alumni association is equally important for both alumni and the association. It gives alumni a sense of belonging and connection while offering access to valuable resources and networking opportunities. On the other hand, the benefit that the association receives provides financial support, increases engagement in activities, and helps promote the association’s mission, ensuring its continued success and impact.

In this guide, we will walk you through Gradnet’s membership feature, which can help you set up and oversee annual and lifetime memberships effortlessly for your community.

Creating and Managing a Membership Plan #

Follow these steps to create a membership plan tailored to your community’s needs:

Navigate to Create New Plan #

Log in to your Gradnet account and select “Membership.” Then go to”Manage Plan”. Click on “Create new plan” to create a new membership plan.

Create a New Membership Plan #

To create a new membership plan, you have to follow the following steps

  1. Choose Plan Type: Select the appropriate plan type from the available options: one-time, recurring, or lifetime plan.
  2. Plan Details: Provide essential details for your membership plan:
    • Plan Name: Enter a descriptive name for your plan.
    • Price: Set the membership fee.
    • Start Date: Specify the date when the plan will become active.
    • Plan Terms: Select the time span of the plan.
  3. Save: Once you’ve inputted all the details, save your plan.

Manage Membership Plan #

You can manage the membership plans you created from “Manage plans. ”

  • List View: You can view the list of all the membership plans you created with the details.
  • Archive Plan: If you don’t want any plan to appear, you can archive the plan. It will show “Archived” near the plan name.

Managing Membership Packages #

Gradnet automatically generates a membership package corresponding to each plan you create, streamlining the process for both admins and members.

View Membership Package #

You can view all the membership packages that were created with details like how many members purchased that package, amount, net, price, type, status etc.

View Members List #

  1. View Members List: Click on the purchase number to access a comprehensive list of all members who have purchased your membership plan. This list includes detailed information about their memberships, allowing you to track membership status and engagement.
  2. View and Download Member Data: You can view the details of individual members and also download member data in CSV format.

Purchase Membership #

As a member, If you’re interested in joining a membership plan offered by your community, follow these simple steps.

Locate the Membership Option #

Log in to your account, then click on “Membership” to see the membership option that is available to you.

Provide a mailing address and Select a Plan #

Provide your mailing address and then choose the membership plan that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Payment Method and Agree #

After selecting the desired plan, you can complete the membership enrollment process by selecting the payment method, agreeing to any terms and conditions, and proceeding with the payment.

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