Maximizing Community Fundraising Potential with Gradnet

Fundraising in every community is about harnessing the collective strength and compassion to create a meaningful impact by giving back to the community.

This detailed guide will help you with the step-by-step process of raising your alumni funds with Gradnet.

How to Create a Fundraising Campaign #

Accessing the Fundraising Creation Interface #

  1. Log in to your Gradnet account using your credentials.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the main dashboard and check the sidebar for the Fundraising tab.
  3. Go to the “Fundraising” tab and click on it to see more choices. Look for “Create Event” and click on it to start making a new fundraising.

Setting Up the Event Basics #

  1. Choose a Cover Photo:
    • Click on the option to upload a cover photo for your fundraising. Choose an image that represents your fundraising well and attracts attendees’ attention. Choose 820x312px pictures for the best view.
  2. Fill in General Information:
    • Enter the basic details, such as the event title, target amount, date, time, and description. Ensure these details are accurate and descriptive to inform attendees about the event.

Choose Some Additional Options #

  1. Choose Fundraising Privacy:
    • Decide whether you want your fundraiser to be visible to the entire Gradnet community or restricted to specific individuals or groups.
  2. Fill in some other Information:
    • Select Fundraising type. Add some tags and also specify who can contribute to your fundraising.
  3. Save your fundraising as a draft or launch it immediately:
    • Choose to save your campaign as a draft for further refinement, or launch it right away to start accepting donations.

How to Manage a Fundraising Campaign #

Manage Community Fundraising #

Decide whether you want your fundraiser to be visible to the entire Gradnet community or restricted to specific individuals or groups

View contributors: #

Monitor the contributions made to your fundraiser, accessing detailed information about contributors and their donations. You can also download a CSV file for record-keeping and analysis purposes.

Stay Updated: #

Keep your community updated about fundraising campaigns happening within the Gradnet community, fostering collaboration and support for common causes.

Viewing as Members: #

As a member from fundraising, you can contribute to the fundraising, view the full story & contributors, and also know the updates.

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