Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know so you can use Graduate Network

Which domain you will use it

You will use your community portal in your own domain.

Who will be the admin & moderator

Initially we will set an admin for you. Later you can set moderators.

How to get the online payment

We will connect your bank account & SSL Commerz api for receiving online payments.

How long you will get the support

You will get the support for lifetime.

How to remove few features

There is feature customization options available in admin panel. You can remove existing feature from there.

How to get the support

You can ask from support through mail & phone call.

How to migrate the existing users from your current membership site

We will do it for you.

About Graduate Network

Graduate Network is the vision of some influential alumni, scholars, community leaders from different alumni associations, universities, & organizations for them and for you.