10 books to read before graduation and stay ahead of your competitors

Early 20s are tough time for everyone. The level of uncertainty, instability and lack of corporate knowledge often makes them feel scared of future. In situation like this, needs the proper grooming, expectation level and most importantly certain objective. The acknowledgement of one’s ability, talent, skills and comprehensive realization of what the future holds for you are needed to be informed. For this purpose you need to gather as much information as possible from any relative sources and people that might create a well-versed image of certain aspects of career. In this case books accommodate widespread view and information to guide you.
We rounded up 10 most elaborate books that can impart a boost in your career decision and path which will signify and differentiate your grasp of creativity among others.

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1. Be Your Own Best Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired, and Rewarded at Work
By Jessica Kleinman

This is a simple and easy fundamental book on how to create an appeal of constructive significance from others. This book simply explores the areas one can focus on to conceive reinforcement while building up a career strategy. Also this book is highly recommended for the beginners who are trying to figure themselves out in the primary stage of their objective or goal identification.

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2. The Magic of Thinking Big
By David J. Schwartz

It is not necessary to have big talents or skills at the very early stage of career where you are still defining yourself. This book shows the useful method to achieve confidence in you to deal with any upcoming challenges. The writer descriptive ways of defining methods enhances the concept of self-realization, greater happiness and peace in one’s mind. Thinking creatively, developing the conception of realizing own capabilities and acquiring confidence by overcoming fears are highly recommended to practice.

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3. Outliers
By Malcolm Gladwell

This book gives a boost of motivation and arises the craving to think ‘What can I offer that is different?’. In here the concept is summarized by exploring the world greatest creators from every sphere of careers. It describes many considerable anecdotes which simplifies the success behind those creators mind and self-actualization.

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4. The Winner Within: A Life Plan for Team Players
By Pat Riley

The inexperienced beginners need to be informed and mentally primed about the future actions they need to play as a team player or participant. The writer was a NBA coach, who gives personal insights about leadership and teamwork in his book. This book will provide motivation, strategic skills, tactics and aspiration to prepare the reader for an amicable journey.

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5. Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork, and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life
By Daymond John

This book is a mesmerizing tale of successful people around the world and the emphasis on different strategies for success, even some that were in direct contradiction with each other, to show that achievement looks different for everyone. The writer established by saying “ the truth is that if you want to get and stay ahead, you need to put in the work. You need to out-think, out-hustle, and out-perform everyone around you. You have got to rise and grind every day.”

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6. The Power of Positive Thinking
By Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

At this stage of beginning of the career it is needed to find peace, self satisfaction and definition of greater worth fullness. After reading this book the young reader will be at ease.

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7. Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment
By Peter Buffett

This is a book offers condensed and distilled wisdom career and life path choice and self-value building. The deep rooted commitment and there is a certain sweetness in someone telling you not to be limited by self or society and to live the things you want to see happen. The focus on commitment as the foundation of both change and meaningful life is actually profound.

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By Brendon Burchard

Gaining superior skill of confidence and sense of freedom improves person’s quality of work, emotional investment toward career. This book will give the reader a colossal of motivation to supercharge their life into action. It encourages at a level that the muse gets people off the couch and pursuing their dreams. This book states the fact “Fear drives much of human behavior, but so does a desire for freedom.”

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9. The Art of Communicating
By Thich Nhat Hanh

In a social relationship, we are nourishment for each other. The kind of food that can help our relationship thrive is right way of communication with compassion, understanding. This is a simple, short spiritually-sound book based on mindfulness, intention, communication, and compassion. The early 20s youth might find it hard to communicate with others in a corporate world, this book will help to create understanding ways and values of right communication. .

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10. Wait, How Do I Write This Email? : Game-Changing Templates for Networking and the Job Search
By Danny Rubin

It’s a great book on how you can communicate powerfully in written form. In this book career expert Danny Rubin offers ideas on networking such as how to reach your alumni, how to communicate with companies via a rocking e-mail, job search and many more. It lays out all the acts of right way and skill for interactions so well.

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